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    Welcome to Goldhill Organics!

    We deliver wondrous organic, non-organic and local, artisan produce straight to your door. Our beautiful vegetables are freshly picked every day at Goldhill Organic Farm that is owned by the Cross family and who have been growing organically in North Dorset for over 25 years.

    Our connection with Goldhill Organic Farm started 23 years ago when we were first inspired by the people, the place and the way in which they farm. Over the years, the farm became our home from home and we started to understand what goes into organic farming and locally sourced produce and why those processes make a real difference to the food we eat.

    Goldhill Organics is an expression of that inspiration and the means by which we can share wonderful produce with so many more people.

    Fantastic, ethically produced food, selected with love and pride.

    We source our non-organic, grass-fed meat from the award winning Blackmore Vale Butchery in West Stour, North Dorset who work closely with small, local farms that all have the highest animal husbandry and welfare standards, rearing contented, healthy animals with strong, natural immunities that thrive in small groups. Humane methods that embody traditional farming values as part of a sustainable rural economy.

    Our organic meat comes from Graig Farm Organics, the award winning specialist organic meat producer in the old Welsh county of Montgomeryshire.

    And we have partnered with some fantastic, specialist local Dorset makers, curers and smokers who produce wonderful cheese, jam, smoked fish and cured meat.

    Our aim is to provide you with outstanding, traceable produce from local growers, farmers and artisan makers who produce great food that well, frankly, just tastes a whole lot better.